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Composable infrastructure can help you achieve dramatic gains in data centre efficiency.

In today’s hyper-connected world, windows of opportunity open fast and close even faster. In this Idea Economy, anyone can change the world, creating an age of relentless competition. Every enterprise is at risk of missing a market opportunity and being disrupted by a new idea or business model. The winners in this world are companies of any size that embrace and execute good ideas to deliver value faster and better than their competitors.

Today’s infrastructure is too static and changes are too process-oriented, making it slow and complex. In the Idea Economy, infrastructure must be the engine of value creation, not the bottleneck to success. What has worked in the past isn’t going to work in the future, as IT must now be able to support two operating environments.

Five steps to building a Composable Infrastructure with HPE Synergy.

To be successful in the Idea Economy, it’s imperative for businesses to participate and capitalize quickly. How quickly IT can experiment, learn, test, tune, and turn ideas into value matters more than ever.

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HPE Synergy – Future First, Ready Now


A new category of infrastructure that accelerates application delivery in both traditional and new IT environments.

Sharpen your edge with HPE Synergy, the world’s first platform architected for Composable Infrastructure. Fully adaptable and ready for everything, HPE Synergy is today’s new hybrid IT engine – built to future-proof your data center for today’s workloads and tomorrow’s disruptors.

Looking for a more consumption-based solution to simplify your IT whilst maintaining your privacy and control? HPE GreenLake can take you there! With HPE GreenLake you only pay for the resources you consume and can use HPE’s expertise, architectures and support to get the outcome your business demands.

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Simplify hybrid IT management.

Switch your blades to Composable Infrastructure. Stop spending time and resources managing fragmented IT environments. Provision infrastructure at the speed of public cloud. Then fine-tune your focus on business outcomes.

Read this brief guide – and see the benefits of moving to HPE Synergy now.

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Sharpen your edge.

Make the leap from blades to the world’s first Composable Infrastructure – HPE Synergy. Future-proof your datacenter and slash costs where it counts – especially in software licensing.

Don’t believe the hype?

We do the composable vs. blades math for you in this quick “watch and learn” video.

Success in action

Work faster, better, smarter.

Business moves fast, so your IT must move faster. HudsonAlpha Institute must stay ahead to fulfill its mission of saving lives.

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology conducts data-intensive genome research with demanding infrastructure requirements. With HPE Synergy, HudsonAlpha is able to balance cost and performance requirements and enable a dynamic, flexible, cost-effective infrastructure, resulting in higher staff productivity, more efficient IT operations, and a five-year ROI of 247%.

Watch how it eliminated expensive SAN environments and reduced workload revision time to seconds with HPE Synergy, which they also installed themselves the day it arrived. Then, envision your acceleration with the power of the world’s first Composable Infrastructure.

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HPE Synergy. Future first, ready now. For you.

Want to know more? we’re here to help. With 25,000 hybrid IT specialists serving 11,000 customers per year, we have the end-to-end expertise to help you transform your infrastructure.

HPE GreenLake – Outcome-based IT consumption

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  • A consumption-based IT model that marks a paradigm shift in the way you operate IT;

  • A focus on outcome-based consumption, while radically simplifying IT and freeing up resources;

  • A way to deliver the best of both public cloud and on-premises IT?

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