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Run a more flexible hybrid IT environment

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Run a more flexible hybrid IT environment

In your IT operations, choosing the approach to consumption and placement of workloads has been a tough dilemma: the pay-as-you-go scalability of public cloud versus the control of on-premise IT. Now you can have the best of both worlds. HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity is a hybrid IT service that brings pay-as-you-go economics and flexibility to on-premise IT.

Flexible Capacity lets you have it all—the scalability of the cloud and the control of on-premise infrastructure.

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity: The Path to Hybrid IT

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity is a hybrid infrastructure service that delivers a public cloud experience with the benefits of on-premise IT. It prepares you for growth and gives you the agility to get applications to market right away—in minutes—without waiting months to expand the IT infrastructure and

Pay Only for What You Use

Cloud-like Economics

The traditional mode of purchasing IT infrastructure often results in provisioning capacity that’s too high or too low for your IT needs. For example, you may spend money on unused capacity to handle unexpected growth, or struggle to meet demand when you don’t have enough capacity, or both.

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity is a service for consumption-based IT payment that aligns cash flow to actual capacity usage. By deploying a flexible amount of capacity ahead of oncoming demand, you end up paying only for what you use with no upfront capital outlay

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity provides a consumption-based IT payment model that aligns cash flow to actual capacity usage. An HPE Datacentre Care support team acts as an extension of your team to plan your needs and help you operate your hybrid IT.

HPE owns and supports your choice of on-premises equipment

Pay for what you use based on metered usage and access self-service reporting to forecast future demand

An on-site buffer allows you to quickly scale up capacity when needed, and avoid spending on unused capacity

Introducing HPE Pointnext

Services to Accelerate your Digital Transformation

HPE Pointnext is an innovative IT services organisation built to make Hybrid IT simple and power the Intelligent Edge. As an agile technology partner, HPE Pointnext helps you to modernise your legacy infrastructure with the flexibility of the cloud, and maximise the value of your connected devices.

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Benefits of Cloud for Your On-premise IT Infrastructure

Why choose between the economics of public cloud and reassurance and control of on-premise IT? With HPE Flexible Capacity, you can have it all. HPE Flexible Capacity is a service that brings pay-as-you go economics and flexibility to on-premise IT. So, you can have best of both worlds, so you can scale up and be ready to rapidly support changing business needs.

Read the IDC Technology Spotlight to learn more.

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Best of Both Worlds – Scalability and
Control – for up to 38% Less.

451 Research reports how HPE Flexible Capacity enables a reduction in total compute infrastructure capacity costs up to 38%, compared to the industry average. Discover how enterprises and 500 IT decision makers are proactively planning and realising bottom-line efficiencies with flexible capacity planning and provisioning.

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Success in action

See Flexible Capacity in Action.

HPE works with you to forecast current and projected capacity – for a minimum commitment – and then creates a local buffer of IT resources beyond what you need now. You can dip into the buffer as needed, and easily expand into the Azure public cloud.

Hear from Peter Ryan, Chief Sales Officer, HPE Enterprise Group to learn how HPE works with you to ensure you have extra capacity deployed ahead of any oncoming demand.

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Hybrid IT and the Intelligent Edge

At HPE, our mission is to make Hybrid IT simple and power the Intelligent Edge, and we have the expertise to make it happen. With our heritage and strength in infrastructure, partner ecosystems and the end-to-end lifecycle experience, HPE Pointnext provides powerful, scalable IT solutions from Hybrid IT to the intelligent edge for organisations across every industry.

The global HPE Pointnext team includes 25,000 IT experts spanning a range of disciplines, from transformation consulting to technical support.

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Outcome-based IT consumption

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  • A consumption-based IT model that marks a paradigm shift in the way you operate IT;

  • A focus on outcome-based consumption, while radically simplifying IT and freeing up resources;

  • A way to deliver the best of both public cloud and on-premises IT?

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