World’s biggest IT vendors ranked

Apple retained its position of the number one IT vendor in 2016, according to Gartner, while Google overtook Microsoft in annual revenue.

Tech industry analyst Gartner has revealed the top 100 vendors in IT, through new research ranking companies based on their IT revenue, excluding communication services, in 2016.

Apple leads the pack, having taken in US$218 billion in 2016. Despite this, the iPhone maker’s revenue was down on its 2015 takings, which were reported as US$235 billion.

At second place in 2016 was the Samsung Vendor Group, at US$139 billion, also retaining its position but down on its 2015 revenue of US$142 billion.

Google overtook Microsoft in revenue, securing third place with US$90.1 billion dollars, pushing Microsoft to fourth spot with US$85.7 billion dollars. Google was in fifth spot in 2015. Coming in at 2016’s fifth place is IBM with US$77.8 billion in revenue.

Gartner says its research demonstrates the IT market is in the midst of “a significant transition”, noting that the top five vendors’ combined revenue dropped by $US8.8 billion in 2016.

While the research firm withheld the full list for subscribers only, it offered further insights on the top five companies.


The top 26 companies are:

1. Apple (US$218.1 billion)
2. Samsung Vendor Group (US$139.1 billion)
3. Google (US$90.1 billion)
4. Microsoft (US$85.7 billion)
5. IBM (US$77.8 billion)
6. AT&T (US$70.5 billion)
7. Dell Technologies Vendor Group (US$59.5 billion)
8. Intel (US$57.6 billion)
9. HP Inc (US$48.0 billion)
10. HPE (US$46.1 billion)
11. Lenovo (US$42.6 billion)
12. Amazon (US$41.9 billion)
13. Sony (US$41.7 billion)
14. NTT Vendor Group (US$41.3 billion)
15. Comcast (US$39.7 billion)
16. Oracle (US$37.0 billion)
17. Huawei (US$36.6 billion)
18. Cisco (US$37 billion)
19. Panasonic (US$35.4 billion)
20. LG Vendor Group (US$34.2 billion)
21. Accenture (US$34.1 billion)
22. SoftBank (US$31.5 billion)
23. Verizon (US$31 billion)
24. Fujitsu Vendor Group (US$28.7 billion)
25. Facebook (US$27.6 billion)
26. Canon (US$26.8 billion)

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